Manuscript Format and Preparation

An electronic manuscript must be prepared in Microsoft Word Format and should be submitted to MJEr via email. The electronic manuscript should follow the same general style as described below in this document. The publisher will edit your file to make sure every article follows the same style. Figures in gif, jpg, ps or eps format should be included into your manuscript Word file.

Also, manuscripts should be typewritten in English in font size 10 Book Antiqua style, double line spacing in one column of page size 21.6 x 27.9cm (A4) white bond and button centered page numbered manuscript with 2.5cm margins. A maximum length of manuscript should not exceed ten pages and described as follows:

Title: Should be brief, specific, informative, and appropriate for indexing.

Abstract: An abstract not exceeding 300 words one column (means page width) that summarizes the principal techniques and conclusions of the manuscript in relation to known results. Because the abstract must be able to stand independently, mathematical formulas and bibliographic references should be kept to a minimum; bibliographic references must be written out in full (not given by number).

Keywords: Place not less than three key words below the abstract. Keywords are essential for the indexing and accessibility of your article.

List of Symbols: The manuscript should contain a list of all symbols been used. They should be identified typographically for the printer, not mathematically. This list will not appear in your manuscript file as it is.

Footnotes: Text footnotes should be avoided whenever possible. If they must be used, indicate them by superscript numbers in the text, and type them all double-spaced on a separate page.

Equations: should be written carefully and with the number placed in parentheses at the right margin. Reference to the equations should use the form "Eq. (6)" or simply (6).

References: List separately at the end of the manuscript, number consecutively, and use appropriate number to locate references in text. Provide complete information as follows:

[1] J. H. Holland, Adaptation in Natural and Artificial Systems, Ann Arbor, MI. University of Michigan Press (1975)

[2] S. Silva, E. Costa, Phys. Rev. B 77 (2004) 345

Copyright: All authors must understand that by submitting their manuscripts means agree the Transfer of Copyright agreement takes place before the manuscript can be published. This transfer agreement enables MJEr to protect the copyrighted material for the authors, but authors retain their proprietary right.

Example of Manuscript Format

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