Special Issue

  • Evaluation of slip resistance of safety footwear using novel equipment
    J.S. Kim, W.C. Shin
    Adobe-PDF-Document-iconPages 1-12

  • The effect of safety shoe insole material on subjects due to prolonged standing 
    A. Ahmad, A. R. Omar1, R. Jaafar, M. Hasim, I. Halim
    Adobe-PDF-Document-iconPages 13-21

  • Sleepiness among train drivers: A case study in Malaysia 
    Azlis Sani Jalil, Siti Zawiah Md Dawal, Norhayati Mohd Zakwan and Khalid Hasnan 
    Adobe-PDF-Document-iconPages 23-32

  • Prevalence of Helmet Use among Child Pillion Riders on Route to School 
    P. Noor Faradila, M.I. Mohd Hafzi, S. Mohd Syazwan, A. Aqbal Hafeez, R. Khairudin, M.J. Zulhaidi, A.K. Khairil Anwar and H. Azhar
    Pages 33-42

  • Correlation between psychological fatigue and muscle fatigue associated with prolonged standing 
    I. Halim, A. R. Omar, A. M. Saman, I. Othman and A. Ahmad
    Adobe-PDF-Document-iconPages 43-55

  • A reliability and usability study of the Workplace Ergonomic Risk Assessment (WERA) tool
    Mohd Nasrull Abdol Rahman, Mat Rebi Abdul Rani and Jafri Mohd Rohani 
    Adobe-PDF-Document-iconPages 57-63

  • Comparison of the Lab Based Usability Testing and Exploratory Heuristic Evaluation: A Case Study on Human Factor Conference Website Usability 
    Ashok Sivaji, Zulkifle Md Nor and Alan G. Downe
    Adobe-PDF-Document-iconPages 65-80

  • Investigation on the relationship of hand size, ratio of handle diameter/hand length, inside grip diameter, and contact area to grip strength 
    M.F. Afifah, S. Adi, S.M. Muhammad Syafiq and S. Mohd Rizal
    Adobe-PDF-Document-iconPages 81-92

  • System-related influences on assigning patients to emergency care practitioners 
    H.S. Abd Hamid, P. Waterson
    Adobe-PDF-Document-iconPages 93-104

  • Effects of carrying a bag on center of pressure during walking in Thai healthy females 
    C. Phonpichit, W. Chansirinukor, C. Akamanon
    Adobe-PDF-Document-iconPages 105-112











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